Post-pusbook update

Now that I’ve abandoned ship, (see Goodbye, hello!) I’m realising just how much communication now actually depends on being connected to facebook. Mild frustration has arisen at having to rely on people to pass me information by mouth, and at being excluded from certain founts of information, especially as I prepare to emigrate to South Korea (see posts in coming weeks).

And when I take photos of friends I think, ‘but who’s ever going to see these now??’

And after four years of compounding my life into a daily soundbite, my brain is only just starting to disengage from status-composition.

The overwhelming feeling that remains with me, though, is one of freedom. And I cannot emphasise enough how pleasant it is to open an inbox of messages from people with interesting things to say, and who know how to compose a proper sentence. Aaah…

A photo otherwise unseen…


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