Here lie our tales of waifdom, miscreancy, and salty woe…

After unsteady beginnings as a travel blog, stumbling into a blog of post-travel woe, I think I can now safely describe this as an expat blog. I’ve recently moved to Seville, Spain, where I write subtitles (captions) for Australian TV (‘good with words’ and ‘moderately OCD’ being the main components of my skill set).

I’m currently wrestling with switching my outlook from a Latin American one to a Spanish one, an Andaluz one; different words, different sounds; new world to old world. And, most difficult of all, vagrancy and waifdom to staying put and collecting ‘stuff’. The best way to make sense of it all is to write about it (if I can restrain myself often enough from the tapas and inevitable vino. Or just the vino, really).

As well as trying to get more words out, I’m also tentatively having a go at photography, which I post here when writing seems too much like hard work.

I and Cat

I and Cat. I only seem to have serious photos of myself.

I hail from the rural underbelly of Northeast Scotland and as a result, suffer from an Inner Presbyterian.

Once, long ago, I studied political philosophy and international relations.

And Salty Woe? It has its roots somewhere during a bout of hysteria in a tent on a California mountain top, surrounded by faux worm farmers, Russian Jew clowns and Austrian watchmakers…

  1. yes said:

    How have I only just stumbled upon this?
    What a beautiful way to distract myself from degree-ing.

    • Why thank you, as is your lovely blog a fine addition to the interwebs 🙂

  2. Jay said:

    You have another tracker. I like the writings. let it be untamed.

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