There was a vast and varied spread of cheese on offer at the Hogmany party last week. Cheesey-cheesey-cheese-cheese, I love it so. Sometimes I even dream in cheese….

Sadly, though, I was to discover that its talents are not all-reaching after all, and in fact the power of cheese to soak up alcohol – despite how well it goes with wine – is notably limited. No matter how many slices of fromage goodness I shuffled in on top of the cava, it was not enough to allay the fact that I hadn’t had a proper tea.

No matter, Cheese, I forgive you. Though Spain has many fine cheeses to offer, you still can’t beat a classic vintage cheddar. Yesterday I bought a big ol’ expensive block out of the ‘imported’ section in El Corte Ingles (ginormous, overpriced Spanish department store). And just right now, Cheese and I made our peace. Mmm, cheese before bed, as it should be. Hello, sweet dreams…


Cheeses of the World!



When I go to write a post that starts as a fleeting thought in my mind, it invariably ends up as something bordering on an essay as I think of more and more aspects to add. I’ve always suffered from this – my uni essays were without fail ludicrously over word limit. I find myself thinking of things to write about, and then not doing it cause I know it’ll end up taking hours of my time. That’s clearly not productive, so as a challenge to myself I’m going to try writing more often but less. Let’s see how this goes…

Moping is over, and brain is operational again now that I have no more heat and sunshine to melt it (be careful what you wish for people, see Do you like eggs, baby dog?). The blog fell by the wayside, an abandoned, malformed foetus, after the shooting incident and general spiralling-out-of-control of Island life (stories to follow). Time to ease it back into daylight, a little Vitamin D for its bones…

A departure from the previous lone tractor on the shore header, which was from a past time (Patagonia – distant and happy), to a Utila, north-side image. I think the slightly surly nature of the sky, the spectrum of colours light-to-dark, and the fact that it is a little out of focus all make for (vague) metaphors of recent times.

Perhaps the theme is a little too sheeny for me though… Further indecision to come, no doubt (and hence we begin to see why I rarely achieve anything, incapable of transcending the details of the minute).

Peninsula Valdes, Patagonia, November 2008